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Itchy Rashes Evaluation and Management

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and rashes result from a wide variety of causes including several types of allergic reactions. Pediatric, Adult, Rashes

Most rashes influenced by allergic triggers are very itchy. Such rashes can be triggered by direct contact with environmental allergens or through consumption of foods to which the patient is allergic or intolerant (sensitive).

Atopic dermatitis (“eczema”) and urticaria (“hives”) are the most common rashes influenced by allergy. Either rash can be triggered or worsened by contact with allergens or by eating food triggers.

Hamilton Allergy Center offers testing to identify rash triggers including needle-free allergy testing and special strategies to identify irritating skin care products. Occasionally, internal inflammatory conditions can be a factor and specialized blood testing may also be indicated. Eczema Treatment

Dr. Lateef specializes in the care of atopic dermatitis (“eczema”), which is a very common, dry, severely itchy skin condition found commonly in children (also frequently in adults). Many persons with atopic dermatitis have related allergic conditions like food allergy, hay fever and asthma.

While topical steroids can be very helpful, they are often overused because other critical factors such as skin infection, itching and dryness are not adequately addressed. We do not replace your dermatologist, but work alongside them to create more complete and effective treatment plans.  Dermatologists often refer their patients so they can benefit from our unique input.  Dr. Lateef has many safe, effective treatment approaches that work alongside standard medicines resulting in improved control and often dramatic reduction in steroid use for this difficult condition.

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