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Complementary Remedies

Many patients dislike taking pharmaceuticals and express great interest in non-drug complementary and natural remedies. Many allergy sufferers find commonly used pharmaceuticals, especially antihistamines and other allergy pills, are not a good fit for several reasons including high cost, often unpleasant side effects and limited effectiveness.

Persons who wish to minimize or avoid pharmaceuticals or who have had poor response or side effects from these are excellent candidates for non-drug therapies, herbal supplements or other nutritional therapies.

While many “alternative” treatments claim to help, only some of these have actually been studied and shown to reduce allergy symptoms by affecting the biochemical pathways that are activated during allergic outbreaks. These treatments can often replace or supplement typical pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Lateef has spent years identifying effective complementary treatment modalities and has developed expertise in their use alongside traditional therapies. By combining treatments into comprehensive regimens, symptoms can be controlled with less medicine overall which means less cost and potential side effects.

We also help steer patients toward safer, more studied treatments and away from ineffective distractions. By integrating many complementary treatments into our regimens, we effectively offer a much broader range of effective treatment choices for our patients than anywhere else.

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